Elizabeth "Liz" Burton (previously Taylor) is a fictional character from the long-running British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Andrée Bernard.


A single mother of three teenagers Mel, Sophie, and Justin, Liz spent most of her life trying to maintain the peace between her offspring, after their father committed suicide. Liz had a difficult relationship with her stepdaughter Darlene, made worse when Darlene found out that her brother Ali had stabbed school bully Stephen "Macki" Mackintosh to death, but told the police that she suspected Liz's son Justin of being the killer. Darlene changed her testimony in court, which contributed towards Justin being acquitted of killing Macki and Liz was grateful to Darlene for this.

After Justin returned home, Liz threw Richard out after he had an affair with a colleague but allowed Darlene to stay with them. Liz decided that her family should move away from Hollyoaks to Colchester, to start afresh. But not all of her children were unwilling to move with her and she left Hollyoaks, without Mel, Sophie and Justin. She didn't return to Hollyoaks for Mel and Sophie's funeral after they died in the Dog explosion.

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