Lucas Hay


First Appearance
3 April 2009
Date of Birth
April 3rd, 2009 (age 8)
Amy Barnes (mother), Ste Hay (father), Leah Barnes (half-sister), Hannah Hay-O'Connor (half-sister), Mike Barnes (grandfather), Danny Lomax (grandfather), Kathy Barnes (grandmother), Pauline Hay (grandmother)
Portrayed by
Jude Hawley (2009-2012), Reuben Thwaites (2012-2013), William Hall (2013-)

Intro Edit

2015: Lucas jumps with Leah behind Ste, who zips up his shirt.

2015-2016: Lucas and Leah still jump behind Ste, but he does not zip his shirt, and instead he just stands in front of a carnival themed series of lights.

2016-: Lucas rides and carousel with Leah and Ste.

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