Lucas Hay


First Appearance
3 April 2009
Last Appearance
Current Character
Amy Barnes (Mother)(Deceased)
Ste Hay (Father)
Ryan Knight (Step-Father)
Leah Barnes (Half Sister)
Hannah Hay-O'Connor (Half Sister)
Mike Barnes & Danny Lomax (Grandfathers)
Kathy Barnes & Pauline Hay (Grandmothers)
Leela Lomax (Auntie)
Tegan Lomax (Auntie)
Peri Lomax (Cousin)
Dee Dee Hutchinson (Cousin)
Steph Lomax-Cunningham (First Cousin- Once added)
Portrayed by
Jude Hawley (2009-2012) Reuben Thwaites (2012-2013) William Hall (2013-)
Former Home
Current Home

Lucas Hay is the half brother of Leah Barnes and Hannah Hay-O'Connor.

Intro Edit

2015: Lucas jumps with Leah behind Ste, who zips up his shirt.

2015-2016: Lucas and Leah still jump behind Ste, but he does not zip his shirt, and instead he just stands in front of a carnival themed series of lights.

2016-: Lucas rides and carousel with Leah and Ste.