Mac Nightingale

Mac nightingale

First Appearance
13 May 2015
Last Appearance
4 December 2017
Portrayed by
Marnie Nightingale (m. unknown time, divorced)
Cindy Cunningham (m. 2014-16, divorced)
Neeta Kaur (Ex-Fiancée)
Lisa Loveday (Lover)
Manslaughter Victims
Murder Victims
Attempted Murder Victims

Mackenzie Arthur "Mac" Nightingale (Credited first as Mystery Man) is character played by David Easter, made his first on-screen appearance on 13 May 2015. The character and casting was announced on 12 May 2015. Mac is Cindy Cunningham's (Stephanie Waring) husband, who she had married during one of her bipolar episodes. In November 29 episode Mac Nightingale had a massive argument with James Nightingale with leads to Ellie Nightingale to see how abusive and evil her father really is and in anger pushes him out of the window which leads to him laying life-less on the floor witnessed by his youngest son Alfie Nightingale.

Characterisation Edit

Mac has been billed as "the kind of landlord everyone wants a pint with" and that he "oozes style and roguish charm", as well as the fact that "he'll go to the ends of the earth to protect his family." However, he has most recently been revealed to be a narcissist who is abusive and is willing to make ends meet to ensure things go HIS way; even if it means hurting the people around him.

Arrival (May) Edit

Mac will seek a divorce from Cindy, whilst she tries to keep his existence a secret from Dirk Savage (David Kennedy). It was later revealed that Mac would be part of the new Nightingale family, who would arrive and take over The Dog in the Pond. 

Arrival (October) Edit

In October 2015, Mac buys The Dog in the Pond from Jack Osborne off screen. Before this, Mac calls Cindy, telling her to go through with the divorce. Mac arrives with his family, when Mac sees Cindy, Cindy hurries to leave Hollyoaks with Dirk for a holiday. Mac constantly texts Neeta Kaur (Amrit Maghera) (who is back in Mac's old home). Ellie clearly doesn't approve of this and steals his phone. Neeta then arrives and Ellie tries to make her leave.

Attempted MurdersEdit

In January 2017 while Mac and Lisa Loveday were sleeping together In Macs van they drive and accidentally hit Cameron Campbell who ran Into the road. Lisa wanted to help Cameron but Mac wanted to leave him, which is what they did. Cameron later surrived and was sent to prison for his crimes. When Mac confronted Hunter McQueen about the affair with his wife Neeta Kaur, Mac beat up Hunter badly and left him and In November 2017 Jack Osbourne found Mac looking at his scar he got when the school exploded and realised Mac was responsible. Mac then stops Jack going to the police by beating him up and then attempting to suffocate him with a pillow (Off Camera) then dumps his body. when Jack Is found he Is taking to Hospital. Mac then attempts to go and kill Jack again In Hospital but when the monitors go off, Mac rushes out and Jack wakes up. Mac Is later arrested but Is released due to Ellie giving him an alibi.

Nathans Death And Neeta's MurderEdit

When Macs son Nathan Nightingale finds out about the affair with Mac and Nathans girlfriend Lisa Loveday, Mac and Nathan argue. The two have a struggle; when Mac proves to be too strong he accidentally pushes Nathan out of the window and Nathan falls to his death, much to the Nightigales familys upset Including Lisa and Mac. Later down the line, Neeta Kaur (Macs Wife) starts a affair with her 16 year old pupil Hunter McQueen. When Mac finds out he beats up Hunter and blackmails Neeta Into staying with him or he will go to the police. When Neeta finally tells Mac that she has someone who loves her for who she Is, Mac snatches the picture drawn by Hunter and sets it alight. However, he had earlier broke the boiler accidentally in a fit of rage. This causes a mixture of fire and gas, and as a result the School Hollyoaks High explodes. When Mac and Neeta make It to a room and they begin to talk about things, the floor falls through below Neetas feet. Mac grabs Neeta but Hunter below shouts to Neeta that he loves her and Neeta shouts it back, much to Mac's anger. He tells Neeta that she fell hard for Hunter and lets go of her making her fall to her death much to Hunters and Sally St. Claire sadness.

Intro Edit

2015-2016: Mac and Neeta are sat in a royal room, Neeta sits on a chair and hands Neeta a sceptre. Following the death of Rachel, Mac hands Neeta a rose instead.

2016-2017: Mac is toasting drink with Diego Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz and Dirk Savage

2017-: Mac is toasting a drink with Dirk Savage

Gallery Edit

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