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Maddie Parker

Maddie parker

First Appearance
23 October 1995
Last Appearance
26 September 1997
Portrayed By

Madeline "Maddie" Parker is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks portrayed by Yasmin Bannerman . She first appeared on 23 October 1995. She remained in the role until 1997 when she quit the role. Maddie left Hollyoaks on 26 September 1997.

Characterisation Edit

Maddie is described as "young, free and single, and alaways on the lookout for a man". The Liverpool Echodescribed her as "the streetwise and sassy siren who ran Parker's restaurant."

Arrival Edit

Maddie was the streetwise and sassy siren who ran Parker's restaurant. Maddie was young, free and single and always on the lookout for a man. Maddie’s earlier storylines started when she received a creepy Valentine’s card, which leads to Maddie being worried that someone might be following her. Soon, Michael, an old flame of Maddie’s turns up and gets an unwelcome reception. Maddie began to rekindle her love for Michael, as the pair begins to date and reminisce about better times.

Departure Edit

Things begin to get increasingly out of hand, when Michael kidnapped Maddie and her friend Jude Cunningham (Davinia Taylor), and took them hostage. They were left bound and gagged in a room. They were tied back to back on the foot of the bed and gagged with black cloth. He then drove them to Scotland, ready to marry Maddie. Maddie refused to put on the wedding dress and go through the charade of marriage to Michael, which made Michael mad and he took Jude up to the roof as revenge. Michael had his hand over Jude's mouth to keep her from screaming. For a moment it looked as if Michael was going to push Jude off the roof, but Maddie came up dressed in a wedding dress, and he was distracted. As Jude manages to escape his clutches, Michael fell to his death. Jude than tried to console Maddie over Michael’s death but Maddie decided to go away to come to terms with it all. When Maddie returns, she told Jude that she wanted a fresh start by expanding the Parkers. Yet, Maddie still found it hard to get over Michael’s death and became increasingly insecure about her safety. Maddie decided the only way she could make a new start was by leaving Hollyoaks, and leaving Parkers in the hands of Jude. She left the village to live with her mother.

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