Marnie Nightingale

Marnie nightingale

First Appearance
1 February 2016
Last Appearance
Current Character
Restaurant Owner
Portrayed by
Attempted Murder Victims:
Mac Nightingale (m. unknown time, divorced)

Marnie Julie Nightingale (Née Maxwell-Brown), portrayed by Lysette Anthony, is the mother of James, Nathan Nightingale and Ellie Nightingale. She is the wife of Mac Nightingale. She aired her scenes starting on 1 February 2016.

Characterisation Edit

It has been said that Marnie will waste no time in causing "chaos for Mac" and has been billed as "a complex, intriguing and hilarious matriarch with a big broken heart" and that she can start a fight in an empty room.

Arrival Edit

Marnie arrives in the village to help her son, James, take down Mac for events that happened in the past by using Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) against him, however she is unaware that Cindy is Alfie Nightingale's (Richard Linnell) biological mother and the reason for her divorce from Mac.

Buying The Hutch Edit

Marnie and James decide they should purchase The Hutch. Marnie asks Diane O'Connor (Alex Fletcher) to purchase the restaurant, which Diane declines. Marnie then sets off the fire alarm, and makes James steal the accounts laptop. Marnie and James figure see that The Hutch is in deep debt. When returning the laptop, Scott Drinkwell catches them, and Marnie forces James to go out with Scott so he doesn't say anything.

Getting back with Mac Edit

Mac arrives at Marnie's house, and ends up kissing her. Mac and Marnie end up sleeping together, James walks in. Mac and Neeta Kaur end eachother's relationship.

Intro Edit

  • 2016: Marnie stand with one of her hats and looks at the camera deviously.
  • 2016-: Marnie and James stand inThe Dog, Marnie throws her gloves at the screen.