Jono Johnson

Jono johnson

First Appearance
21 June 2011
Last Appearance
16 November 2012
Student, Waiter (2011-12)
Portrayed By

Martin "Jono" Johnson played by Dylan Llewellyn, is an old school friend of Bart McQueen (Jonny Clarke). He made his first on-screen appearance on 21 June 2011. Casting for Llewellyn was announced on 13 June. Jono made his final appearance on 16 November 2012 when the character was killed off in the Enjoy The Ride storyline.

Characterisation Edit

E4 described him as "hapless" and added that "There is one main interest in Jono's life - girls! After failing to pull in Abersoch, he is now determined to change his luck at Hollyoaks 6th Form, but as he is quite a naive, sensitive little soul his romantic plans always seem to go awry! Bless".

Arrival Edit

Jono meets up with Bart in Abersoch with his friends Maddie and Tilly. Jono reveals that he and Maddie will be joining the Hollyoaks Sixth Form College in September. Jono arrives in Hollyoaks alongside Maddie to attend Ruby Button's (Anna Shaffer) party. He then starts college and makes friends with Neil Cooper (Tosin Cole). Jono and Neil claim to know all about dating females to impress the rest of the students. Jono turns up at Ruby's birthday party because he feels guilty that non of friends attended. 

Departure Edit

Jono helps to free some of the minibus passengers, but is unable to save Neil. Maddie also dies in the accident, leaving Jono feeling guilty, although his heroics earn him the approval of Jack and Frankie. Later, he sits under the stars with Ruby and she is devastated when he does not respond to her. She screams for Jack and Frankie but Jono has already died in her arms. Esther reveals in the next episode whilst talking to Ruby that he sustained a blood clot from the crash and that nothing could have been done to help him.

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