Matthew Jesus McQueen

Matthew mcqueen

First Appearance
25 December 2012
Last Appearance
9 March 2017
25 December 2012 [Age 5]
Chloe Chance (Surrogate Mother)
John Paul McQueen (Father)
Ste Hay (Step-Father)
Leah Barnes (Step-Sister)
Lucas Hay (Step-Brother)
Bobby Costello & Max McQueen (Cousins)
Myra McQueen (Grandmother)
Sally St. Claire (Grandfather/Grandmother)
Niall Rafferty (deceased) & Ricky Bowen Jr. (Uncles)
Carmel McQueen (deceased) & Michaela McQueen & Tina Reilly (deceased) & Jacqui McQueen & Mercedes McQueen & Carmina McQueen (Aunts)
Former Home
Current Home

Matthew Jesus McQueen is the son of John Paul McQueen and Craig Dean . Chloe was a surrogate for John Paul and Craig but when she was 9 months pregnant John Paul told her they didn't want the baby. When John Paul was back in the McQueen's house Chloe left the baby outside and Jacqui found him. When Myra was drunk she named the baby 'Jesus'. Carmel bonded with the baby but John Paul struggled to. Later John Paul revealed to Nancy Osbourne that he was the father and him and Craig had broken up. The next day John Paul went to the hospital with Myra where he told her that he is the father, while walking home they see Carmel and she says she has phoned Social Services, Myra tells John Paul to tell Carmel but he says it's for the best. The next day Myra tries to convince John Paul to keep the baby, when Carmel and Myra was about to bring the baby to Social Services. John Paul comes to senses just in and returns home before leaving for Social Services. He reveals that he's the baby's father and that he's going to keep him. He names the baby 'Matthew Jesus McQueen' as a dedication to Myra's first born son.

When his father isn't at home, Matthew is being looked after by his great grandmother Marlena or his aunts Carmel or Mercedes. They also took care of him when his father went to prison in the spring of 2014.