Maxine Donovan

Maxine minniver

First Appearance
6 November 2012
Last Appearance
Current Character
Barmaid (2012-13) Café Manager (2013) Switchboard Manager (2015-2017)
Trish Minniver (Mother) Mitzeee Minniver (Sister) Patrick Blake (Ex-Husband, deceased) Minnie Minniver (Daughter) Dodger Savage (Former Stepson) Sienna Blake (Former Stepdaughter)
Adam Donovan (ex-husband, estranged)
Portrayed By
Current Home
Former Homes

Maxine Stephanie Donovan(Previously Blake, nee "'Minniver"') is played Nikki Sanderson, made her first screen appearance on 6 November 2012.

Characterisation Edit

Sanderson described her character as being "a really interesting character to play" as she "has got a heart and she is lovely, but she just doesn't show it at first! When she first arrives, she's more interested in herself and how everyone should fit into her life, rather than her fitting into theirs"

Arrival Edit

Maxine arrives in the village from Marbella to visit her sister, Mitzeee, after stealing money from her cheating boyfriend and leaving him. However, Mitzeee isn't happy with her arrival after Maxine stole the first man she loved, her fiancee Gary. Maxine apologizes to Mitzeee and remembers her of the happier times they shared together. Mitzeee informs her sister that she has to stop to lying to her. Maxine tells her that she has changed and only needs a chance to prove it. Maxine surprises Mitzeee by buying her old place back, and they decide to call it even. Maxine is drugged by Kevin Foster because he was told to kill her.

Abuse Edit

Patrick and Maxine break up numerous times mainly over her behaviour. He has been seen controlling her, leading to Ash Kane (Holly Weston) having suspicions about him. Maxine has a one-night stand with Patrick's son, Dodger Savage (Danny Mac) and later learns she is pregnant. Maxine has an abortion because Patrick would know he is not the father, as he has had a vasectomy. After Maxine comes home, Patrick looks in her bag and sees a pamphlet about abortion after care. Dodger also learns that Maxine had an abortion and confronts her. Maxine begins experiencing pain and later collapses.

After being discharged from the hospital, Maxine prepares a dinner for Patrick. When she mentions Dodger's name, Patrick punches her. Patrick's abuse of Maxine continues, and Maxine later learns that he has impregnated her. She also learns that their child has Down's syndrome, and during an argument with Patrick by The Loft fire escape, he grabs Maxine, causing her to fall down the fire escape stairs. Patrick's mistreatment of Maxine escalates over the next few weeks, with several incidents including him forcing her to eat an entire cake, threatening her with a knife, and physically beating her. Maxine enlists the help ofBlessing Chambers (Modupe Adeyeye) and Dennis Savage (Joe Tracini) in order to help her escape Patrick's grasp. She uses a flower in her window to signal to them when Patrick is absent, thus it is safe for them to visit. She leaves an emergency escape bag containing clothes and her belongings in Dennis's shop.

On the night before the wedding, she manages to escape and Blessing drives her to the airport. However, in the airport, security are summoned when Maxine discovers Patrick has planted a knife in her escape bag, leaving her unable to board the plane. She decides to go through with the wedding and they get married. However, at the reception, she realizes she has made a mistake and publicly humiliates Patrick, telling the entire village what Patrick does to her. Some believe her, including Sienna and Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox), however, most believe Patrick - who has told the village that Maxine beats him.

Maxine killed Tracey Donovan to frame Darcy Wilde by shooting her

Intro Edit

  • 2012-16: Maxine blows foundation at the screen.
  • 2016-: Maxine sits in a dressing room, turns around on a chair and blows foundation at the screen.

Gallery Edit

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