Melissa was a short term character who was a major part in the eating disorder storyline, she encouraged Hannah Ashworth to lose weight with her and became extremelly ill with Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia, she took Hannah down with her and they both sufferered from the disorders.

Melissa was a lot worse than Hannah and had a bmi of 14 at one point, she showed of pictures of her shoulder blades while modelling.

She was admitted to hospital after collapsing next to Hannah from severe malnourishment and was force fed in hospital through a tube. Hannah visited her in hospital and a very sad episode with Hannah and Melissa aired showing the terrible effects of the disorder.

Melissa was broke out of hospital by Hannah because she was scared the tubes would make Melissa put on weight. They returned to Hannah's house to collect some things where Mellisa suffered a heart attack caused by her Anorexia and died in Hannah's arms.

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