Melody Longford
First Appearance
28 December 2010
Last Appearance
16 January 2011
Portrayed By
Current Home
Los Angeles

Melody Longford is India Longford (Beth Kingston) and Texas Longford's (Bianca Hendrikse-Spendlove) mother. She made her first on-screen appearance on 28 December 2010.

Appearance Edit

When India is murdered and her body is uncovered, Texas tells Nancy Hayton (Jessica Fox) that Melody is arriving. Melody arrives in Hollyoaks village and asks Lee Hunter (Alex Carter) for directions. Lee recognises her and realises she was a famous singer in the 1980s. Lee takes Melody to Texas's flat and she signs an autograph for him. Texas and Melody are revealed not to have the closest mother daughter reletionship, however they begin to bond over their grief of losing India and Melody leaves having built bridges with her daughter. Melody lost her other daughter Texas in May 2013, after she was murdered on her wedding day by her husband Will Savage (James Atherton). She was not able to make it to Texas's funeral.

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