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Mercedes McQueen

Mercedes mcqueen

First Appearance
19 June 2006
Last Appearance
Current Characater
Barmaid (2006–14) Hospital Cleaner (2012) Prostitute (2012) Club Manager (2013, 2014) Club Owner (2014-)
Myra McQueen (Mother)
Carmel McQueen (Half-Sister)
Theresa McQueen (Half-Sister)
John Paul McQueen (Half-Brother)
Bobby McQueen (Son)
Gabriel McQueen (Son)
Ste Hay (Brother-in-law)
Reenie McQueen (Aunt)
Cleo McQueen (Cousin)
Celine McQueen (Cousin)
Porsche McQueen (Cousin)
Lockie Campbell (Cousin-in-Law)
William Alexander (Father)
Tina McQueen (Half-Sister)
Jacqui McQueen (Sister)
Kathleen McQueen (Aunt)
Portrayed By
Current Home

Mercedes Maria Theresa Immaculata McQueen (previously OwenFisher and Browning) is a fictional characterfrom the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Jennifer Metcalfe. She debuted on-screen during the episode airing on 19 June 2006 as the first character to be introduced to the series by series producer, Bryan Kirkwood. In 2008 Metcalfe feared that the character was to be axed but was later reassured by the series producer that she would not be.

Characterisation Edit

Kirkwood branded Mercedes "a savvy, ballsy girl that can't say no and is unapologetic about it". Metcalfe has described Mercedes as someone who "hates every woman in Hollyoaks" except her own sisters, and as someone who talks too much and has a "mouth like a foghorn".

2006 Arrival

Mercedes meets Russ Owen (Stuart Manning) and flirts with him, angering his girlfriend, Sophie Burton (Connie Powney). Mercedes develops feelings for Russ and they have sex. They begin a relationship after Sophie dies. Russ is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection and wrongly accuses Mercedes of having an affair. She is angry with Russ and sleeps with Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas). Mercedes discovers that her mother, Myra (Nicole Barber-Lane), is the cause of infection and Russ apologieses to Mercedes. Mercedes sleeps with Warren once again and feeling guilty, proposes marriage to Russ. He agrees, revealing that he was also going to propose. On the night before their wedding, Mercedes becomes intoxicated and has sex with Warren for a third time. On the same night, someone attempts to murder Clare Cunningham (Gemma Bissix) and Warren is arrested. Warren tries to prove his innocence as he was with Mercedes, but she denies it. At the wedding, Louise Summers (Roxanne McKee) interrupts the proceedings and confronts Mercedes. Mercedes half sister, Tina (Leah Hackett), lies and gives her an alibi. Mercedes and Russ then marry and Warren is charged with Clare's attempted murder. Mercedes agrees to be a witness at Warren's trial and explains their affair, with Russ listening on. Russ then ends their relationship.

2014 Departure Edit

In 2014, after Carmel McGinn's funeral, Mercedes turns up drunk, Myra claims she wished she was in the coffin, after she presumes Mercedes stole Carmel's ring. Mercedes, in an attempt to leave, gets "murdered" by Grace Black (Tamara Wall).

2015 Return Edit

Joe Roscoe is sent by Grace to France, where Mercedes is hiding. Mercedes reveals that Grace and her planned to lock Freddie Roscoe up for good. Mercedes returns to Hollyoaks Village.

Stillbirth Edit

Mercedes has a stillbirth pregnancy. She thinks this when her baby doesn't respond to her after she tells Joe that the baby isn't hers when she is 8 months pregnant. She tells John Paul, and John Paul convinces her to go to the hospital, where the nurse looks, and says that she couldn't find a heartbeat and that the baby has died.

2016 Return Edit

Mercedes left Hollyoaks in 2016 after finding out that Joe Roscoe had cheated on her with Lindsey Butterfield (his ex-girlfriend) whilst she was still going through the aftermath of her stillbirth. She later returned following the imprisonment of Kim Butterfield.

Gallery Edit

Intro Edit

2015: Mercedes reaches for an apple with 'HOLLYOAKS' engraved in it and bites it.

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