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Mercedes Maria Theresa Immaculata McQueen is a fictional character from the long-running Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by actress Jennifer Metcalfe. She first appeared in June 2006 with her family, which included her brother and four sisters.

Character DescriptionEdit


Mercedes is the glamorous McQueen, who will have any man she wants no matter who it will hurt. She arrived in Hollyoaks in 2006.

Engagement to Russ OwenEdit

Not long after her arrival, Mercedes had set her sights on Russ Owen , even though he was in a relationship with Sophie Burton. She finally bedded him in September 2006, which was the same fateful night of The Dog In The Pond fire, set by Russ' brother, Sam Owen. Sophie died that night in the fire, waiting to see Russ. Mercedes and Russ became engaged. Mercedes was having a secret affair with Warren Fox, unable to keep to one man. The wedding day arrived, and was ful of drama. Russ was left stunned when Louise burst into the church claiming Mercedes had slept with her boyfriend Warren and needed the alibi to keep him out of jail. After lots of shouting, she denied everything and they got married.

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