Minnie Minniver


First Appearance
13 November 2014
Last Appearance
Current Character
Patrick Blake (Father)
Maxine Minniver
Adam Donovan (Step-Father)
Sienna Blake (Half-Sister)
Dodger Savage (Half-Brother)
Mitzeee Minniver (Aunty)
Nico Blake (Neice)
Phoenix Costello(Cousin)
Grace Black (Step-Aunty)
Jesse Donovan (Step-Uncle)
Liam Donovan (Step-Uncle)
Portrayed By
Eva Lorente & Ava Rooney
Current Home

Minnie Minniver (also Blake) is the daughter of Patrick Blake and Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) and half-sister of Sienna Blake and Dodger Savage.

She has Down Syndrome.

Arrival Edit

Minnie was born during the train crash storyline, Maxine is in an old station hut, and gives birth with Patrick, Patrick takes Minnie, and leaves Maxine to die.

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