Natasha Andersen


First Appearance
October 23 1995
Date of Death
11 March 1996
Portrayed By

'Natasha Andersen' is played by Shebah Ronay. She debuted on-screen during the episode airing on 23 October 1995. She was created by Phil Redmond as one of the serial's original characters .

Natasha was stunning, glamorous, sophisticated, pouty, feisty and a total princess as well as being the ultimate object of Kurt Benson’s desires, who had instantly fallen for her. She was best friends with Maddie Parker, Dawn Cunningham and Louise Taylor. Despite having feelings for Kurt, who pursued her relentlessly, and attracted to his bad boy charm, Natasha refused to give in and decided to always play hard to get. This just made Kurt even more determined to win her heart. Natasha really never got a chance to confess to Kurt how she had really felt about him. Natasha had always given Kurt challenges to win her over, including the time when Natasha asked Kurt to choose between Christmas with her family or his own. Natasha won, but she lost interest when she saw Kurt bonding with her father.

However, tragedy occurred when Natasha collapsed and died during Kurt's sister Lucy's eighteenth birthday party. In a bid to make Kurt jealous, Natasha made the fatal mistake of agreeing to go to the party with Dermot, who wanted to give her a night she would never forget. Dermot and his friend Rob Hawthorne dropped a tablet into Natasha's drink. She then stormed onto the dance floor and suddenly collapsed. Natasha later died in hospital. A heartbroken Kurt vowed revenge on Rob and Dermot. After Natasha died Her father, Greg, sold the pub to her aunt Celia and uncle Jack and moved to the states with jane and sarah.

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