Nate Tenbury-Newent

Nate tenbury-newant

First Appearance
21 March 2012
Last Appearance
22 March 2013
Cheryl Brady (Wife)
Brendan Brady (Half Brother)
[Seamus Brady]] (Father-in-Law)
Cressida Tenbury-Newent (Mother)
Portrayed By
Current Home
Derry, Ireland

Nathan "Nate" Tenbury-Newent, played by Tom Turner made his first screen appearance in Hollyoaks on 8 February 2013. Nate had previously appeared in the fifth series of Hollyoaks Later as a love interest of Cheryl Brady (Bronagh Waugh).

Characterisation Edit

In January 2013 Digital Spy's Daniel Kilkelly reported that Nate would appear in the main show. Waugh later confirmed the story via her Twitter account. A writer from described Nate as "a happy-go-lucky kinda fella".

Arrival Edit

Cheryl and Leanne Holiday (Jessica Forrest) pitch a potential new idea to a company but Cheryl is shocked to see Nate there. She discovers he is actually a millionaire and is furious with him. However, later the two start a relationship. When Nate starts sneaking off, Cheryl's father, Seamus Brady (Fintan McKeowan), believes he is having an affair but it transpires he is actually visiting his estranged mother, Cressida. 

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