Noncey Nick

Nick savage

First Appearance
21 September 2016
Last Appearance
29 June 2017
Nurse Trainee (2016-2017)
Wayne Savage (Father)
Charles S'Avage & Dirk Savage (Uncles)
Mariam Andrews (Ex-Aunt)
Cindy Cunningham (Aunt)
Will Savage, Liberty Savage & Dennis Savage (Cousins)
Dodger Savage (Adoptive Cousin)
Former Home
Current Home
Portrayed by
Cause / Reason:
Went to prison for confessing to raping Holly Cunningham & Ellie Nightingale

Nicholas "Nick" Savage is the nephew of Dirk Savage. He is played by Ben-Ryan Davies. He made his first appearance on 21 September 2016.

Characterisation Edit

Nick is Dirk Savage's (David Kennedy) fun-loving nephew who's able to make "a dodgy deal like any true Savage and he's also a typical ladies' man" who will catch the eyes of several female residents of the village. Nick has been billed as "the popular boy who all the lads wanted to be friends with and all the girls fancied".

Arrival Edit

Nick knocks on the Savage home door, Cindy Savage (Stephanie Waring) opens the door. Nick greets Cindy and walks in, saying Dirk has allowed him to stay with him while he's at university. Cindy seems reluctant to let him in.