Norman Sankofa


Portrayed by
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Julie Sankofa (Mother)
Theo Sankofa (Brother)
Carrie Sankofa (Sister)
Judy Sankofa (Niece)

Norman Sankofa was played by Jamie Luke between 2002-2004.

Norman is Theo Sankofa's (Andrew Somerville) younger brother. As a schoolchild, Norman was left homeless after Theo's death, a fact he hid for many months from the other Hollyoaks residents. Jack Osborne (Jimmy McKenna) eventually befriended Norman and took him into his home, much to the annoyance of Jack's son, Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson), who Norman consequently had many run-ins with. After his A-Levels, Norman started a brief relationship with Zara Morgan (Kelly Greenwood), only to vanish to train as a policeman, following in Jack's footsteps.

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