Peri Lomax


First Appearance
4 October 2013
Last Appearance
Current Character
Student at Hollyoaks High
26 October 2000 [Age 17]
Leela Lomax (Mother)
Cameron Campbell (Father)
Sam Lomax (Grandmother)
Danny Lomax (Grandfather)
Tegan Lomax (Auntie)
Ste Hay (Uncle)
Steph Cunningham-Lomax (Daughter)
Daniel Lomax-Loveday (Half-Brother)
Dee Dee Hutchinson (Cousin)
Leah Barnes (Adoptive Cousin)
Lucas Hay (Cousin)
Hannah Hay-O'Connor (Cousin)
2 Oakdale Drive
Portrayed by
Relationship status

Peri Jade Lomax is played by Ruby O'Donnell. She made her first appearance on 4 October 2013.

In 2017, Peri Lomax self harmed with Lily Drinkwell and Yasmine Maalik.

peri was named after the doctor who companion peri brown

Teenage PregnancyEdit

One of her biggest plot lines in Hollyoaks is being pregnant at 14. Peri slept with her then-boyfriend Tom Cunningham in December in 2014, resulting in Peri becoming pregnant with a girl she names Steph, after Steph Cunningham. Peri originally wants to give up the baby, however when Tom reveals that he loves Peri and Steph. Peri later decides to keep the baby. Peri struggled to cope with being a teenage mother so Peri leaves baby Steph on Angela's doorstep . Angela then returns the baby.

Intro Edit

  • 2013: Peri takes a photo with Sam and Danny.
  • 2015-2016: Peri and Tom stand together.
  • 2017: Peri swirls around with Tom and then waves at the camera.

Gallery Edit

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