Peri Lomax


First Appearance
4 October 2013
Last Appearance
Current Character
Student at Hollyoaks High
26 October 2000 [Age 16]
Leela Lomax (Mother)
Cameron Campbell (Father)
Sam Lomax (Grandmother)
Danny Lomax (Grandfather)
Tegan Lomax (Auntie)
Ste Hay (Uncle)
Steph Cunningham-Lomax (Daughter)
Daniel Lomax-Loveday (Half-Brother)
Dee Dee Hutchinson (Cousin)
Leah Barnes (Adoptive Cousin)
Lucas Hay (Cousin)
Hannah Hay-O'Connor (Cousin)
2 Oakdale Drive
Portrayed by

Peri Jade Lomax is played by Ruby O'Donnell. She made her first appearance on 4 October 2013.

Characterisation Edit

Describing Peri, a writer for the show's official website commented "Don your shades, ladies and gents – 'cos this girl is sunshine all year round! As the youngest of the Lomaxes, Peri should be making mistakes left, right and centre, but – in actual fact – she's usually the only voice of reason in her family."

Arrival Edit

Peri arrives outside Danny Lomax's house with her supposed mother Sam Lomax. Surprising him. Danny is having an affair with John Paul McQueen, and doesn't want anyone to find out. But Danny continues life with his family and John Paul all the same. John Paul finds a key, from Danny adressed to Sam, mistaking it as for him. John Paul takes the key and walks into the Lomax's house with Matthew. John Paul and Danny explain.

Leela's Child Storyline Edit

When Sienna Blake is looking for her daughter, Sophie, Leela decides to help, and reveals she had a child too when she was young and it was taken away from her. Sienna then goes on to believe Peri is her daughter. Leela says that it can't be because Peri is actually her daughter. The search continues until Nico Blake is found.

Underage Sex with Tom Cunningham and birth of Steph Edit

Peri and Tom sleep together in December 2014. Peri doesn't realise she is pregnant. Peri then tells Cameron Campbell and Leela Lomax. 9 months later Peri gives birth, and Tom names her Steph, Peri then suffers from postnatal depression.

Later, Peri reveals she did not have postnatal depression and the cause of her being apart from Steph was due to the fact that she didn't think she was fit to be a mother. She gives Tom an ultimatum - to choose between her or Steph otherwise Peri would leave for good. Tom chooses Steph.

Intro Edit

  • 2013: Peri takes a photo with Sam and Danny
  • 2013-14: Peri takes a photo with Tom
  • 2015-2016: Peri and Tom stand together
  • 2016: Peri swings around with Tom and then waves at the camera.

Gallery Edit

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