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Rachel Hardy

Rachel hardy

First Appearance
26 October 2015
Last Appearance
29 March 2016
Barmaid (2015–2016)
Nathan Nightingale (Fiancé) 2015–2016
Portrayed By
Current Home
Cause of death
Killed by
Explosion of car, Holly Roscoe (indirectly, driving the car)

Rachel Hardy is a character. She is portrayed by Jennifer Brooke. She was the fiancée of Nathan Nightingale before her death.

Characterisation Edit

She has been billed as "the girl next door who has a heart of gold but isn't afraid to speak her mind." Rachel gets on well with the whole family, with the only tension being Nathan's lack of approval of her body art."

Arrival Edit

Rachel arrives with the rest of the Nightingale's. She is seen in the moving van with Alfie Nightingale. Rachel later then proceeds to have sex with Nathan, before being interrupted by Alfie.

Departure Edit

On the way to South America, Rachel's car breaks down. Nathan attempts to fix the car, but a drunk Holly Roscoe with Cleo McQueen drives into Rachel's car and into a metallic structure. Nathan tries to get Rachel out the car as she is trapped, but insists on saving Cleo and Holly as the structure will come down and crush them. Just in time, Nathan takes Cleo out of the car as the barrell comes down and crushes the car. No one is harmed. Later, the barrel leaks gasoline, and a fire starts. Nathan goes out to find some firemen, and as they return, the car explodes, with Rachel inside.

Intro Edit

2015-: Rachel and Nathan appear together, looking at eachother.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Rachel was originally from Brighton.
  • Rachel is vegan.

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