Rae Wilson

Rae wilson

First Appearance
5 October 2009
Last Appearance
13 September 2011
Date of Birth
June 25th, 1992
Date of Death
September 9th, 2011 (age 19)
Waitress, Barmaid, DJ
Portrayed By
Murdered by

Rae Wilson is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by (Alice Barlow). She appeared in the series from 5 October 2009 until 13 September 2011, after being murdered by Silas Blissett (Jeff Rawle). Producer Lucy Allan said Barlow was her favourite addition to the cast during 2009.


During her first appearances as a figment of Newt's imagination, Rae was depicted as a goth with an emo persona. When she was reintroduced as a real person, Rae's character was more reminiscent to that of a chav. The character later underwent a transitional period; she retained her strong personality, but displayed a weaker side resulting from the setbacks she encountered. Barlow found the role challenging, as her own personality is dissimilar from her character's. She described Rae as someone who always makes her opinion known, and hoped she would be remembered for her strong-willed persona.


Rae meets Barry (Newt) Newton (Nico Mirallegro) while he is living rough, and teaches him how to survive on the streets. She is disliked by Eli (Marc Silcock), Newt's alternate persona caused by his schizophrenia. Rae and Newt become close and begin a relationship. After Newt admits he has schizophrenia, Eli takes over his mind and tries to kill Rae, but Newt manages to stop him. Newt and Rae decide to escape their problems by committing suicide together by jumping from a height into water. As they climb to the top of a warehouse to jump, Newt's ex-girlfriend Lauren Valentine (Dominique Jackson) and his foster father Jack Osborne (Jimmy McKenna) rush to stop Newt, who pushes Eli into the canal as Rae jumps. Newt jumps in after them, but is rescued by Jack.[32] After recovering, Newt locates Rae's grandmother Lily (Meryl Hampton) and tells her that her granddaughter is dead. Rae, however, then arrives alive and well. She does not recognize Newt, and has a different hairstyle and clothing from her previous appearances. Newt realizes that he had seen a photograph of Rae and had created an alternate persona around her. The woman he thought he had known was another figment of his imagination.

Relationship with NewtEdit

To Rae's displeasure, her school is soon merged with Newt's. She rebuffs his attempts to talk to her, and after gaining employment at the local diner, is further dismayed to find that Newt works there. She tries to have him fired, but eventually accepts that they must work together. After she is locked in a cupboard by Lauren, Rae reveals that she is claustrophobic and believes she is cursed. She tells Newt that both of her sisters died before their 18th birthdays and she believes the same will happen to her. Newt helps Rae to overcome her fear of the curse, and she agrees to move to Scotland with him. However, her grandmother suffers a stroke shortly before her planned departure, so she decides to stay in Hollyoaks to care for her.

Love TriangleEdit

Rae grows close to Ste Hey (Kieron Richardson) , her employer at the diner, and they begin dating. Brendan Brady (Emmett J. Scanlan) is jealous because he is attracted to Ste, and tries to separate them. Brendan and Ste begin sleeping together; he tells Ste to continue seeing Rae so their own relationship can remain a secret. Rae discovers that she is pregnant and Ste promises to support her. Rae considers having an abortion but ultimately decides against it. After catching Brendan and Ste kissing, Rae resolves to raise the baby alone, but suffers a miscarriage after a vicious row with Brendan. Rae threatens to out Brendan to the community, so he retaliates by setting her up and having her arrested as a drug dealer. Rae is released without charge after Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) tampers with the substance, which is found to be icing sugar.

Relationship with Ethan ScottEdit

Rae briefly works as a barmaid at a local pub, but leaves her job after exposing an affair between Gaz Bennett (Joel Goonan) and her boss Heidi Costello (Kim Tiddy). She begins a relationship with Ethan Scott (Craig Vye), unaware that he is also dating Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter) and Liberty Savage (Abi Phillips). When the women discover his infidelity, they plot their revenge together. Rae tells Ethan she has an STD, Theresa claims to be pregnant and Liberty pretends to set a wedding date. They then humiliate Ethan with the truth and throw gunge over him in front of the local residents.


When Rae accidentally reveals that Brendan is gay in front of his son, Brendan is furious and threatens to kill her. Rae later tells Silas about Brendan's threat, but is unaware that Silas is a serial killer. Rae also reveals that she is tired of men treating her badly, and vows to use them in future. Silas steals Theresa's phone and sends Rae a text message asking to meet her outside. When Rae emerges, Silas repeatedly punches her, then strangles her to death. He places Rae's body in the boot of Brendan's car, framing him. Ste arranges a memorial for her after Brendan is charged with her murder. However, Brendan is later released when Silas is discovered as her killer.

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