Ray McCormick

Screenshot 20171016-220419

First Appearance
28 November 2013
Last Appearance
21 March 2014
Connected To
Attempted Murder Victims
Murdered By
Cause Of Death
Stabbed By Grace Black
Date Of Death
21st March 2014
Portrayted By
Cristian Solimeno
2013, 2014

2013 ArrivalEdit

Ray kidnaped Grace Black in December 2013 because her father Fraser Black owed him 2 million pounds Fraser pays the money and Grace is set free.

2014 Return And Death Edit

Ray returns again in March 2014 when he tricks Ste Hay when he tells Ste he and Trevor Royle had a good night and Trevor insisted of giving Ray the drugs to sell Ste later tells Trevor, Trevor rings Ray and later threatens him to back off or he will kill him, Ray turns up at Clare Devine's grave with two heavies where he sees Grace, Grace is then beat up, Her father Fraser Black is angered by this and tells Trevor Ray killed his dad, Trevor later kidnaps Ray and when he is about to kill Ray, Ray tells him it was Fraser who killed his dad and proved it when he took Trevor where his father burried, Later Trevor lets Ray free but orders him to kill Fraser, The next day Ray perpares to kill Fraser but is killed by Grace (Off Screen).

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