Richie Trent

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First Appearance
11 July 2013
Last Appearance
31 July 2013
Murdered By
Cause Of Death
Shot By Trevor Royle
Don Trent (Father)
Portrayted By
Michael Dixon
Number Of Appearances

Arrival Edit

Richie meets Sinead O'Connor in a hotel bar and invites her back to his room. Sinead attempts to steal his wallet but he catches her. Richie offers Sinead money for sex and she obliges. Richie later arrives to carry out a drug raid at Sinead and Ste Hay's flat. He realises that Sinead lied about her identity and takes her in for questioning. He threatens to charge her with theft if she does not exchange information about Ste.

Attempt To Take Down Trevor Royle And Death Edit

Richie tries his best to get Sinead to take down Trevor Royle, Trevor finds out and beats up Sinead and the next day Richie arrests him Trevor is then released due to lack of evidence Sinead panics that Trevor might come after her Richie then promises to protect her, He later goes home unkown to him Trevor has broken in Trevor then sneaks behind Richie and shoots him killing him, Trevor later gets Freddie Roscoe to dispose of the body, His father Don Trent turns up looking for Richie but Freddie and Sinead tell him they have know idea where he is, Freddie is later arrested and interviewed by Sam Lomax after his body was discovered by her husband Danny Lomax and John Paul McQueen, Fraser Black, Trevor and Grace Black try to find away to get Freddie off Grace later gets Superintendent Marlow to plant Richies police badge in Paul Browning's car Freddie is then released,The village think Paul was the killer and only Sinead,Freddie,Mercedes McQueen, Grace and Fraser know that Trevor killed Trent.


  • Michael Dixon also portrays Jay In April 2018 a man who blackmails Glenn Donovan for his crimes but Insisits he will not grass If Glenn lets Jay sleep with Grace Black.