Ricky Campbell


First Appeared
16 June 2009
Last Appeared
6 August 2012
Date of Birth
c. June-August 1994 (age 22)
Martin Campbell (father)
Student (2009-2012), Florist assistant (2012)
Anita Roy (one date), Ruby Button (crush)
Portrayed by
Ashley Margolis

Richard "Ricky" Campbell, played by Ashley Margolis, first appears in Hollyoaks Village in June of 2009.

Arrival Edit

Ricky is first introduced as a 14-year old school boy posing as a 20-year old on a dating website. He thinks he is going on a date with Theresa McQueen, but Anita Roy is using her photo. When he sees Theresa snogging Newt he becomes upset.

Storylines Edit

Ricky's storylines mainly revolve around his father Martin's multiple sclerosis (caring for him and obtaining medical marijuana), his friendship with Duncan Button, his band, and ultimately his failings in relationships.

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