Russ Owen


Portrayed by
First Appearance
22 August 2004
Last Appearance
3 June 2009
Bartender (2004-2007) Teacher (2007-2009)
Rob Owen (Father) Carrie Owen (Mother)
Sam Owen (Brother; Deceased) Nicole Owen (Sister)
Mercedes McQueen (2006-2008)

Russell Charles 'Russ' Owen appeared in Hollyoaks from 2004 until 2009. His major storylines included being diagnosed with testicular cancer and kidnapping his son. He was portrayed by Stuart Manning.

Storylines Edit

Russ first appears as a new student at Hollyoaks Community College. Russ starts friendships with Ben Davies and Darren Osborne. Darren owes money to local thug Scott Anderson. Scott gets his friends to beat Darren, Ben and Russ up. The three are tied up and tape gagged. After some time, they are released. Russ's first major storyline came in the form of his discovery of testicular cancer. Russ, after being diagnosed, is extremely depressed. He undergoes an operation to remove the cancerous testicle, which is replaced by a prosthetic one. During this time, Russ's brother Sam supports him. Getting over the cancer, Russ strikes a relationship with Dannii Carbone, who leaves him upon his disbelief of her rape by Andy Holt. Andy, a serial rapist, attempts to rape Russ's sister Nicole. Russ is attacked by Andy with a metal pole. Andy dies and Sam, also a rapist, is arrested.

Russ falls in love with Sophie Burton, whom he begins a relationship with, despite her being raped by Sam. Sam, in hospital, escapes the police and disappears. Russ later begins an affair with Mercedes McQueen. Sam returns for revenge on Sophie, by setting fire to The Dog in the Pond. The pub explodes, killing Sophie's sister Mel. Russ, who is sleeping with Mercedes, rushes to The Dog. When there, Sam is killed in the flames. Students Joe Spencer and Olivia Johnson also die. Russ gets Sophie to safety. However, she dies in his arms of smoke inhalation. The following week, Russ refuses to attend Sam's funeral, guilt-ridden for sleeping with Mercedes. Russ is a pallbearer at Sophie's funeral and he also makes a speech. Sophie's brother Justin discovers Russ' affair with Mercedes and attacks him. The two later make up, however, and Russ assists Justin in his grief by the tragedy. Following Sam's revenge, the Owen family, except Russ, leave Hollyoaks. Russ and Mercedes begin a public romance before sharing residence, later becoming engaged. However, Mercedes' sister Tina plans her wedding to Dom Reilly simultaneously on the day. After an argument, it is agreed that the couples will have a double wedding. Despite this, Mercedes has sex with Warren Fox on her hen night. During the wedding ceremony, Louise Summers arrives and exposes Mercedes' affair with Warren, in order for her to give him an alibi for the night an attempt on Clare Devine's life was made. Mercedes convinces Russ to proceed with the wedding as her sister Jacqui assaults Louise. After the honeymoon, Russ and Mercedes' marriage ends upon giving Warren an alibi, revealing her infidelity. Mercedes attempts to apologise to him. However, he tells her their marriage has terminated. Russ grows closer to Mercedes' other sister Carmel. However, the pair agree not to date to spare Mercedes' feelings.

After Tina is sexually harassed by her boss Pete Webster, and Dom does not believe her, Russ ceases Pete's rape attempt however he later sleeps with her. The pair agree to conceal this although, months later, Tina discovers her pregnancy with a surrogate child for Jacqui and Tony Hutchinson. However, as Tina is told of the unborn child's age, she realises she is expecting Russ' baby. She admits this to Jacqui, who manages to silence her, later leading to the birth of Max McQueen. Russ, unaware of his child, commences to date Caroline Cooper. The pair plan to leave Hollyoaks for a new life. However, Tina tells Russ he is Max's father. A shocked Russ leaves, but later returns, realising he needs to be Max's father. For Max's sake, Russ and Tina start dating upon her relationship troubles with Dom. After Tina is killed by her secret brother Niall Rafferty, Jacqui takes Max and begins to raise him, refusing Russ any rights.

Now residing with Nancy Hayton and Ravi Roy, Russ is shocked when bisexual Ravi endeavours to kiss him. When Nancy and Ravi end their romance, Russ becomes romantically linked to Nancy. Russ struggles to live without Max, and tells Nancy they should flee the country with him and Nancy's nephew Charlie Dean. Nancy disagrees and convinces him that it is a bad strategy. Russ is stunned to witness Nancy sleeping her ex-boyfriend Kris Fisher. Knowing the relationship is over, Russ heads off to Mel and Sophie's grave, where he meets with Justin. The pair have a heart-to-heart and Russ decides to take Max. Carmel allows Russ to see Max, and when she exits the room, he leaves with the baby, stopping at the flat to ask Nancy to come with him, which she refuses. Russ then leaves, picking up Justin, who is running away from police for apparently burning down The Loft. Jacqui is destroyed by Max's disappearance and leaves for France after a sighting of Russ and Max. Months after leaving, Russ sends Jacqui a postcard saying Max is okay and that he is sorry.