Ryan Knight

Ryan knight

First Appearance
12 August 2016
Last Appearance
Detective Sergeant
Amy Barnes (Wife, deceased) Geoff Thorpe (Uncle)
Portrayed By
Date of Birth
January 27th 1985 (age 32)

Ryan Knight is the Husband of Amy Barnes. He is portrayed by Duncan James. He made his first appearance on 12 August 2016.

Characterisation Edit

Ryan has been billed as "a good guy in a committed relationship who will move into the village. He is a grounded family man with principles and integrity but who will fight tooth and nail for what he believes in."

Arrival Edit

Ste tries to find Amy, and stands outside her house, he hears Leah scream and runs into the garden, where he sees Ryan. Ste misinterprets Ryan as an intruder and punches him, Ryan punches him back. Leah runs back to Ryan, calling him "Ry Ry", Amy runs out and explains that Ryan is her fiancé.

Intro Edit

2016. He and Amy appear at a Funfair.

2017. Ryan appears at a crime scene.

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