Sadie Bradley

Sadie bradley

First Appearance
8 October 2015
Last Appearance
9 October 2015
Carly Bradley (Daughter) Ben Bradley (Ex-Husband)
Portrayed By

Sadie Bradley was portrayed by Kirsty Mitchell. She made her first appearance on 8 October 2015 and her last on 9 October 2015.

Characterisation Edit

Sadie is Ben Bradley's (Ben Richards) ex-wife who walked out on him, and when she arrives in the village she makes it her plan to win him back.

Arrival Edit

Sadie arrives for Carly Bradley's (Sophie Wise) funeral. When she meets Sienna Blake (Anna Passey), she buts heads with her and reveals she wants to win Ben back. Nico Blake (Persephone Swales-Dawson) overhears and tells Sienna to do something.

Departure Edit

Sadie leaves when Ben proposes to Sienna. Sadie had hoped to live with Ben and their sons, but Ben remains loyal to Sienna, and Sadie leaves the village.