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Sally st. claire

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29 October 2015
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Sally St. Claire (Born Iain Naismith) is a character portrayed by Annie Wallace. She is Patrick Blake's successor. She is transgender. She had her transition in 1990.

Characterisation Edit

Sally is said to have a "no-nonsense" behaviour and "to find rotten apples and turn them into crumble". And arrives in the village with an "ulterior motive"

Arrival Edit

Sally arrives outside Patrick's office. She reveals that she is Patrick's replacement. She says he'll work until he sees fit, and when he leaves the school, she'll take over. Sally then observes Patrick's maths class. Where she walks in and interrupts and introduces. After several disturbances in the class, and Sally trying to calm the class down. Patrick yells at Sally and says that he can control the class. Sally leaves. Later, Sally says that she told the board, and that Patrick has been made redundant.h

Being Transgender Edit

After Sally forces John Paul to tidy her office after Patrick's redundancy, John Paul then finds a medical form, showing that Mrs St. Claire was born "Ian Naismith". John Paul then asks Mrs St. Claire if she's transgender, which she admits she is. Later, at the art show, Peri submits her artwork into the class, but Mrs St. Claire then says that it's late, and can't be submitted. When Mrs St. Claire and John Paul leave, Peri puts the picture up on display anyway. Then Mrs St. Claire and John Paul return, and she mentions her being transgender. In a flash of fury, Peri paints the word "Tranny" on the canvas, which Mrs St. Claire shows the school and parents. Sally then reveals her past. Peri later steps forward, and admits it was her. Sally then suspends her. In a meeting with the school board, Sally reveals she's going to stop being headmistress, and quits. After being spoken to by John Paul, she decides to take her job back after an online petition is created by Peri, Sally comes back into work.

Intro Edit

  • 2015-2016: Sally will mark the screen as a paper.
  • 2016-2017: Sally is Dancing with John Paul McQueen and Myra McQueen
  • 2017-: Sally is Dancing with Myra McQueen

Gallery Edit

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