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Leela Lomax (Daughter)
Tegan Lomax (Daughter)
Ste Hay (step-son)
Rose Lomax (Granddaughter)
Peri Lomax (granddaughter)
Lucas Hay (step-grandson)
Leah Barnes (step-grandaughter)
Hannah Hay-O'Connor(step-granddaughter)
Steph Lomax-Cunningham(great-grandaughter) |Row 5 title = Portrayed By |Row 5 info = Lizzie Roper |Row 6 title = Former Home |Row 6 info = 2 Oakdale Drive |Row 7 title = Murdered By |Row 7 info = [[Cameron Campbell] |Row 8 title = Reason of Death |Row 8 info = Knocked Over By A Speeding Van Driven By Cameron Campbell While She And Her Husband Danny Lomax Are Driving Off To Start A New Life With Peri Lomax}}

Samantha "Sam" Lomax (Née Lacey) was a character on Hollyoaks. She was portrayed by Lizzie Roper. Her scenes aired from 20 August 2013 to 5 August 2014.

Characterisation Edit

Roper stated "I'm so lucky getting to play Sam: one moment she's fun and feisty starting food fights, the next she's facing up to gangsters and doing everything she can to bring them to justice. She's not afraid of anything and has got a heart of gold, but when it comes to her family she's a lioness - don't mess with her!"

Arrival Edit

Sam drives Danny to and from work unaware he is having an affair. Sam breaks up a row between John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) and Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) and reveals she is a police officer. Sam is excited due to her wedding anniversary, unaware that Danny plans on spending the evening with John Paul.

Death Edit

She and Danny plan to leave the village with their family to escape from Cameron, but Leela reveals she and Cameron are Peri's parents to her, so Sam and Danny attempt to flee the village on their own, leaving their children behind. Tegan and Peri later sneak away and contact Sam and Danny, begging them to come and pick them up, but before they can, an unknown car smashes into theirs, killing Sam and Danny. The family learn of this, and the unknown driver is revealed to be Cameron later on.