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Scott Sabeka

Scott sabeka

First Appearance
28 September 2011
Last Appearance
2 August 2012
Mags (Grandmother)
Portrayed By
Current Home

Scott Sabeka, played by Calvin Demba, debuted on-screen on 26 September 2011. The character was introduced as one of five new students who arrive to study at Hollyoaks Community College. On 16 July 2012, Paul Miller from Digital Spy reported that Demba had announced his exit from Hollyoaks. Demba and a spokesperson from Channel 4 confirmed that he had filmed his final scenes on 13 July.

Characterisation Edit

Demba told a reporter from Impact Magazine that Scott is "your average guy" who is not very wild and likes a pint of beer. Scott is "chilled out" and concentrates on his studies. Demba added that he does not conform to the student life and "he does what’s necessary to get by".

Arrival Edit

Scott arrives at HCC and greets his hall share students Will Savage (James Atherton), Barney, Annalise and Rob. Scott starts helping Rob to plan his anniversary with Annalise. He makes some invitations for the party, which Rob pretends he made to impress Annalise. She realises that Scott has been helping Rob and the two bond. He tells Annalise that Rob does not treat her right.

Departure Edit

Scott continues to date Annalise and in the summer the group decide to look for new accommodation. Scott puts a deposit down for a house but doesn't realise the ad is false and all the students money is lost to the frauds, which results in everyone getting angry at Scott. He finds cheap accommodation for himself and Annalise to live in for a few weeks but she admits she isn't ready to live with him so they decide to break up. He manages to pay back the rest of the students their deposit money. It is then revealed that Scott failed his first year of university and so he decides to leave and go travelling.

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