About Edit

Shane comes to the village after being released from jail, and wants to reconcile with Goldie McQueen and also starts to black mail Joel Dexter over his auntie Katy Fox death.

Storylines Edit

Shane arrives in Hollyoaks in late January 2017 when he is released from prison to try to win back Goldie and his sons Prince and Hunter he soon finds out Joel is also in the village and starts to blackmail him its later revealed that Joel gave Katy the drugs that she overdosed on Shane then show Joel the video threating to tell his father Warren Fox the truth about his sisters death unless he gives him money Shane later then trys to sell dodge booze with Grace Black but comes to an end when Liam Donovan rings the police, Joel later organises a charity event with Cleo McQueen, Shane steals the money they make Sienna Blake poisons him but he later threatens her she then aks Joel infront of Warren, Warren angrily confronts Shane and punches him twices knocking him out Warren then takes the money Sienna then asks Shane to help her with a plan so he can get the money back and she can win Warren back unkown to Shane Sienna is also setting him up so he can leave Joel alone Warren arrives and goes to attack Shane but he runs of just as the police are about to leave, Shane later sends Warren the video of Katy dieing but Joel deletes it after Shane texts him.

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