2017 ReturnEdit

Shane,played by Lanre Malaolu, comes in a motorbike and Goldie McQueen kissed him.He started blackmailing Joel Dexter.Warren Fox finds out and knocks him out. Warren said ‘Don't play games with me sunshine!’ before knocking him out.


He leaves.


This time, played by Michael Salami, returns, but this time, he gets attracted to Neeta Kaur and she falls for him, but his sons Prince and Hunter McQueen tell Neeta.

Warren's blackmailEdit

Warren gets stalked by someone because of Sienna Blake's cancer. Warren starts picking on people, when he saw Shane on his phone, Warren says ‘you!’ and then kicks him on the penis then picks him up and puts him in a red van and ties his hands up. He says“Can somebody get me out?” Tony Hutchinson gets him out of the van.

Supposed DeathEdit

Darren Osbourne schemes to return him to prison. Realising somebody is setting him up, he traps Cleo McQueen and Joel Dexter in a room. He returns with a gun intending to kill them both. Darren pushes him down, and tell the two to run. Shane runs after them and attempts to kill Cleo, but Joel has a showdown with Shane. In the struggle, Shane hits his head on a rock, and appears to have died. When the police arrive, Shane’s body has disappeared.

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