Sienna Blake

Sienna blake

First Appearance
6 November 2012
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Current Character
Barmaid (2012-13
Café Manager (2013
Switchboard Manager (2015-2017)
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made her first screen appearance on 6 November 2012.

Characterisation Edit

Sanderson described her character as being "a really interesting character to play" as she "has got a heart and she is lovely, but she just doesn't show it at first! When she first arrives, she's more interested in herself and how everyone should fit into her life, rather than her fitting into theirs"

Arrival Edit

Maxine arrives in the village from Marbella to visit her sister, Mitzeee, after stealing money from her cheating boyfriend and leaving him. However, Mitzeee isn't happy with her arrival after Maxine stole the first man she loved, her fiancee Gary. Maxine apologizes to Mitzeee and remembers her of the happier times they shared together. Mitzeee informs her sister that she has to stop to lying to her. Maxine tells her that she has changed and only needs a chance to prove it. Maxine surprises Mitzeee by buying her old place back, and they decide to call it even. Maxine is drugged by Kevin Foster because he was told to kill her.

Domestic Abuse Edit

When she met Patrick Blake, they found a connection and they started dating each other. However what Maxine didn't know was that he put his last wife Anna Blake in a mental hospital after driving her crazy. Everything was going all fine until she moved in. Maxine was hit and kicked ( including on one occasion where she was grabbed by her neck ) and was forced to marry him. When Nancy Osbourne found out she put an end to it telling Patrick to stop. Patrick Blake then stopped and was nice to her loving her with all his heart. After a misunderstanding with Sienna Blake ( Patrick's Daughter ) about where he was, Maxine rushed up to Patrick's room only to see his body lying there dead on the bed. She screamed for help and to call for an ambulance and Sienna rushed into his room crying and begging him to wake up. Unknown to Maxine or Sienna at this time, Sienna's daughter ( and Patrick's granddaughter ) Nico Blake suffocated him with a pillow after finding out that she killed Carly Bradley and threatened to tell the police.

Intro Edit

  • 2012-16: Maxine blows foundation at the screen.
  • 2016-: Maxine sits in a dressing room, turns around on a chair and blows foundation at the screen.

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