Simon Walker

Simon walker

First Appearance
11 May 2012
Last Appearance
19 March 2013
Undercover Police Officer
Cam Walker (Brother)
Portrayed By
Former Home
Murder Victims
Attempted Murder Victims
Killed By

Simon Walker, played by Neil Newbon, debuted on-screen during the episode airing on 11 May. Newbon's casting was revealed while he attended the British Soap Awards. Newbon told a reporter from What's on TV that he found joining Hollyoaks a "positive experience" because he enjoyed working with the cast.[46] Newbon later told Daniel Kilkelly from Digital Spy that he was having a “wonderful experience” at Hollyoaks and felt “incredibly lucky” to be playing Walker.

Characterisation Edit

The character has a natural charisma and can be quick to understand those around him. As he is “very intuitive”, Walker picks and chooses when he needs to be “charismatic and the centre of attention” or “deliberately blend into the background”. Newbon said that this trait is a “powerful tool” for Walker to have.

Arrival Edit

Walker arrives in Hollyoaks and meets Cheryl and Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) and they compete for his attention. When he realises that Cheryl is Brendan's sister, he asks her on a date. He then goes to visit Brendan and gives him a place to stay because Walker claims that he has no money. Cheryl finds a large amount of money in Walker's bag and he is forced to tell Brendan that he is doing a deal. Brendan asks to be part of the deal and Walker agrees, but Joel Dexter (Andrew Still) is stabbed by Walker's contacts. Brendan orders him to leave. He disappears for a short time, but eventually returns and reestablishes his partnership with Brendan. 

Kill CountEdit

  • Total: 4 (1 Straight up murder, 1 Accidental Murder, 2 Assissted Murders by law)

Departure Edit

Walker would later return on 25 January 2013 after being tracked down by Carl Costello in a storyline involving Mitzeee seeing the pair attempt to avenge Riley's death. Mizteee decided to go against the revenge plot and was going to inform Brendan of Walker's return, however Brendan was away in Ireland and Mizteee left Maxine in charge to telling Brendan. Walker later found out about Maxine's knowledge and tricked her into going against Brendan, she was later kidnapped after figuring out the truth. Walker's feud with Brendan finally came to an end, while during a fight Brendan kicked Walker into the path of an oncoming train killing him.