Sonia Albright

Lisa loveday

First Appearance
30 June 2015
Last Appearance
27 October 2016
Prostitute, Price Slice Helper, The Tugboat Helper
Jade Albright (Sister) Deceased
Lionel Albright (Father)
Thomas Albright (Half-Brother) Ava Albright (Half-Sister)
Portrayed By
Current Home
Former Homes

Sonia Louise Albright, played by Kiza Deen, made her first appearance on 30 June 2015. The concept for the character was announced on 15 June 2015, whilst the casting was announced on 22 June 2015. Lisa is the daughter Louis (Karl Collins) and Simone Loveday (Jacqueline Boatswain) and the sister of Zack Loveday (Duayne Boachie). Sonia is the imposter of Hollyoaks that Channel 4 had announced. She portrayed Lisa, which meant the real Lisa is still out there.

Arrival Edit

It was revealed that Lisa was abducted after a day at school and that the press believed that Louis murdered her and disposed of her body. The Lovedays moved to Hollyoaks for a fresh start from their heartache and grief over the incident, but after Louis and Simone are accused of abducting Rose Lomax, Lisa and her abduction became common knowledge throughout the village. Lisa made her first appearance after breaking into the family home, with Zack managing to stop her running out the house, the intruder reveals herself as Lisa after the family question her, and out of happiness she hugs Louis.

Lie Edit

Sonia is revealed to be lying about being Lisa by Wayne. Jade Albright, (Sonia's sister) is captured by Wayne. And when Louis Loveday saves her and Jade, he tells Wayne to never come near them again. Wayne agrees, but keeps Sonia briefly and says that he'll leave the Loveday's alone, but not the Albrights.

Departure Edit

Sonia meets her real father, Lional, who later asks her to come with him to meet her family. Sonia promised to Jade that she would, and so goes along. Sonia says goodbye to Simone, Louis, Lisa and Zack. Lisa and Sonia previously forgave each other for the trouble they caused. Sonia leaves after telling Zack she loves him.

Intro Edit

2015: Sonia appears in front of a white wall covered in graffiti.

2015-2016: She sits on a bench and listens to music, and then appears with Jade.

2016: Sonia holds a sparkler is her hand and windmills with her other on the balcony, as she does this, coloured smoke appears behind her.