Katy Blake

Sophie blake

First Appearance
7 November 2017
Last Appearance
8 November 2017 (Kidnapped by Warren Fox)
12 December 2017 (Sienna's Imagination)
Other names
Sophie Blake
Katy Fox
Sophie Fox
Katy Blake
Sienna Blake (Mother)
Warren Fox (Father)
Sebastian Blake (Twin-Brother)
Nico Blake (Half-Sister)
Joel Dexter (Half-Brother)
Myra-Pocahontas Savage-McQueen (cousin)
Unborn child (paternal niece/nephew) (Deceased)
Victoria Blake (maternal Niece)
Anna Blake (Grandmother) (Deceased)
Patrick Blake (Grandfather) (Deceased)
Minnie Minniver (Aunt)
Katy Fox (Aunt) (Deceased)
Liberty Savage (Aunt)
Spencer Gray (Adoptive Uncle)
Dodger Savage (Uncle)
Will Savage (Uncle) (Deceased)
Portrayed By
Rubie Graham

Sophie "Katy" Blake is the newborn baby of Sienna Blake and Warren Fox. She was born on 7 November 2017. She has a Twin-Brother named Sebastian Blake, and They both have been split up from each other. Her father took her from the hospital and went on the run with her leaving Sebastian with his mother. Her father returned in May 2018 and took Sebastian as well.