Spencer Gray

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Portrayted By
First Appearance
23 December 2008
Last Appearance
13 August 2010
Warren Fox (Foster Brother),Katy Fox (Foster Sister)

About Edit

Spencer grew up with foster brother and sister Warren Fox and Katy Fox up until Warren went to prison and Katy moved out.



Warren found it hard to cope with him, but Spencer has begged Warren not to hand him over to Social Services. Warren promised to look after him and told him he loved him as a brother. Warren asked him to become his best-man at his wedding to Louise Summers. He became friends with Sasha Valentine who helped Warren look after him. Spencer went into Warren's car after he shouted at him, Warren then hit Spencer in public viewing.Spencer later began walking the village where Theresa McQueenAnita Roy and Lauren Valentine got him to buy alcohol. Warren was later accused of murder and began losing his temper even more, Spencer then stood up to him telling him to leave Sasha alone. This resulted in Warren hitting Spencer again, at this point Spencer left home and asked Sasha to leave, however she could not as she loved him. Warren later regretted it and asked Spencer to forgive him. Calvin Valentine met Spencer and offered him to stay at his house. After Warren's death, Spencer regretted leaving home and admitted to Carmel that he loved him. In episodes after Warren's solicitor informed Spencer that Warren had left The Loft, Evissa and his flat to him in his will. Spencer was fooled into selling The Loft to Ash Roy after he tricked Spencer into believing that Warren was still alive and that he wanted Spencer to sell The Loft. On the day of Warren's funeral Spencer initially refused to go because of bad memories from his mother funeral, he later was convinced to go and during the service Spencer had a dramatic 'episode' and banged on the coffin begging him to wake up.Ash was found out and the deed was shredded. Calvin began struggling to cope with Spencer and his unruly behaviour. Realising he can not go on, Calvin organised Spencer to be put into a home however when Sasha returned from visiting her brother she offered Spencer a room back at the valentines he declined saying he liked where he lived now.

In late 2009, after a brief hiatus, Spencer became friends with students India Longford and Dave Colburn. Dave used Spencer by getting free drinks off him when Calvin caught him out they argued about how Calvin too uses Spencer for his businesses this resulted in Calvin punching Dave. Meanwhile Spencer developed a crush on India but when she turned him down Spencer picked up a live firework which burnt his hand.

In March 2010 Spencer was revealed to be the person who was looking after Holly Cunningham after she ran away from home. When he sees Jake Dean being pulled away by the police, Spencer feels guilty, so he confides in Calvin on what he should do. Calvin says that he shouldn't confess to the police about the situation or else he will get into trouble.

When Calvin's interviewed about his involvement in Warren's death, he let slip about Spencer's involvement in Holly's disappearance. This then leads to Spencer being interrogated by the police at the station, where his inability to defend himself worsens however all charges are dropped.

Spencer makes a close friendship with Lauren Valentine and Gaz Bennett however they are using him for his money. Lauren gets Spencer drunk then makes him believe they slept together. However she lies to him to that she's pregnant with his child and that he has to give her £2000 to make have a termination, when she's actually trying to con him out of his inheritance with Gaz, so that she can run away with him. Spencer panics and tells Sasha about the situation and she believes Gaz is the father, meaning that Spencer didn't explain the whole story about him and Lauren. Although everyone believes that Gaz got Lauren pregnant, they are not aware she is not pregnant at all, however Gaz and Lauren have no choice but to continue with their plan.

Spencer breaks up his friendship and falls out with Calvin after he discovers that Calvin left Warren to die in the fire and didn't help him.

A few weeks later, Calvin is shot dead by Theresa McQueen, which devastated Spencer as he had always looked to Calvin as a big brother. Three months later, the Valentines decided to make a fresh start out of Hollyoaks and so decide to take Spencer with them. They left on 13 August 2010.

In October 2010 Warren returned to Hollyoaks after being dead for the last year and it has been told that Spencer has been told but has not returned to see him.