Stacey Foxx


Portrayed by
Jemma Keys
First Appearance
April 2004
Last Appearance
July 2005

Stacey Foxx played by Jemma Keys made her on-screen debut in April 2004 and her last appearance in July 2005.

Storylines Edit

Stacey first appeared when she had a one-night stand with Kristian Hargreaves (Max Brown), who later used her to make his girlfriend Dannii Carbone (Christina Bailey) jealous. Stacey became obsessed with him Kristian, who learned that she was working with Dannii to teach him a lesson for his poor treatment of women. Stacey next appeared some time later when she lost her salon job and started up Foxx & Hunter's Health Haven, a short-lived makeshift salon in the Hunter household with fellow beauty student Lee Hunter (Alex Carter). Stacey began to have feelings for him and one day, decided to seduce him using whipped cream, however his mother Sally Hunter (Katherine Dow Blyton) showed up and assumed she was using their home for escorting. Lee was too confused to defend Stacey and she stormed out of the house. Stacey and Lee left for a few months to work at a health spa but Lee was kicked out after taking the blame for Stacey making a mistake with Liz Burton's (Andree Bernard) treatment. Stacey chose to stay at the spa instead of resuming her partnership with Lee.

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