Steph Cunningham-Lomax

Steph cunninghamlomax

First Appearance
1 September 2015
Last Appearance
Current Character
Peri Lomax (Mother)
Tom Cunningham (Father)
Leela Lomax (Grandmother)
Cameron Campbell (Grandfather)
Helen Cunningham (Grandmother)
Gordon Cunningham (Grandfather)
Sam Lomax (Great-Grandmother)
Danny Lomax (Great-Grandfather)
Granny Campbell (Great Grandmother)
Daniel Lomax-Loveday (Uncle)
Max Cunningham (Uncle)
Lewis Richardson (Uncle)
Cindy Cunningham (Auntie)
Dawn Cunningham (Auntie)
Jude Cunningham (Auntie)
Mandy Richardson (Auntie)
Holly Cunningham (Cousin)
Alfie Nightingale (Cousin)
Hilton Cunningham (Cousin)
Bethany Cunningham (Cousin)
Grace Hutchinson (Cousin)
Ella Richardson (Cousin)
Dee Dee Hutchinson (Cousin)
Leah Barnes (Adopted-Cousin)
Lucas Hay (Cousin)
Hannah Hay-O'Connor (Cousin)
Ste Hay (Great-Uncle)
Tegan Lomax (Great-Auntie)
Lockie Campbell (Great-Uncle)
Former Home
Current Home
Portrayed by

Stephanie 'Steph' Cunningham-Lomax is the daughter of Peri Lomax and Tom Cunningham. Peri decided to put Steph up for adoption before she was born but Tom didn't like this. Tom wanted to keep the baby and whilst at the hospital, he was caught talking to the baby saying that he loved her just as much as her mother and that he hopes that one day she will love someone just as much as he loves Peri. Peri overheard this and decided that she was going to keep the baby after being warmed by Tom's words.

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