Tabby Maxwell-Brown

Tabitha maxwell-brown

First Appearance
15 November 2016
Last Appearance
Wealthy Heiress
Marnie Nightingale (Daughter)
Alex Maxwell-Brown (Son)
Mac Nightingale (Son-in-Law)
Ellie Nightingale (Granddaughter)
Nathan Nightingale, Alfie Nightingale & James Nightingale (Grandsons)
Current Home
Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Tabitha "Tabby" Maxwell-Brown, played by Linda Gray, is the mother of Marnie Nightingale and Alex Maxwell-Brown. She made her first appearance on 15 November 2016.

Characterisation Edit

Gray signed up to appear in the show for an initial one-week run. Daniel Kilkelly from Digital Spy described the character as having many stories of her "fabulous lifestyle" but is actually "lonely and harbours hurt feelings" because she is now so distant from the rest of her family. Kilkelly described Gray's casting as "Soapland's casting coup of the year".

Arrival Edit

Tabby is called by Marnie Nightingale (Lysette Anthony) inviting her to Hollyoaks. Marnie is in debt after she set investments into Jude Cunningham's scam and is now down £60,000. Marnie needs to ask Tabby for money, and asks Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) to seduce her. Tabby is shown to be distressed when Marnie reveals she is with Mac (David Easter) still. Tabby tells Marnie she will come, reluctantly.

2016 Departure Edit

Tabby leaves in distress after an argument with Marnie. Marnie complains to Tabby that she is being too snobby about her and Mac, and needs to stop. Marnie explains that Tabby never had enough time for her, and needed her. Tabby tries to cut in but Marnie tells Tabby that she loves Mac, but Tabby never said she loved Marnie. Tabby decides to leave. Before she leaves, she places a cheque to Marnie for the £60,000 on a photo of her and Mac.