Tegan Lomax

Tegan lomax

First Appearance
23 October 2013
Last Appearance
Student (2013)
Student Nurse (2013-)
Rose Lomax (daughter)
Dee-Dee Hutchinson (biological daughter)
Danny Lomax (father, deceased)
Sam Lomax (mother, deceased)
Leela Lomax (sister)
Peri Lomax (niece)
Steph Cunningham-Lomax (great-niece)
Daniel Lomax-Loveday (nephew)
Ste Hay (half brother)
Lucas Hay (half nephew)
Leah Barnes (half niece)
Hannah Hay-O'Connor (half niece)
Angela Cunningham (aunt)
Gordon Cunningham (uncle)
Cindy Savage (first cousin)
Dirk Savage (first cousin in law)
Holly Cunningham (first cousin once removed)
Jude Cunningham (first cousin)
Portrayed By
Current Home
Relationship status
No information
Date of Birth
August 27th, 1990 (age 26)

Tegan Lomax is a character on Hollyoaks. She is portrayed by Jessica Ellis. She first appeared on 23 October 2013, the shows 18th birthday.

Characterisation Edit

Arrival Edit

When Tegan first arrives she starts . She is a lesbian and goes to hospital where its revealed that she's in labour. She then gives birth to daughter Rose. When Fraser Black arrives it revealed that he is Rose's father. Just before Fraser was killed he tricked Tegan into thinking he wanted to leave with her but in reality he was going to kidnap Rose and leave with her. Tegan is later questioned but released without charge. Tegan then runs for student secretary with her opponent being Blessing Chambers. When Diane O'Connor reveals that Blessing is transgender, Tegan stands up for her. Tegan later agrees to move to New Zealand with her parents and Peri, but is devastated to learn that Peri isn't her sister and that Sam and Danny were killed in a car crash

Relationship with Ziggy Roscoe Edit

In September 2014 when Leela's boyfriend Ziggy is arrested on suspicion of her parents deaths, Tegan reveals that he was with her and Peri at the time of the crash, letting her take Peri off to New Zealand despite Leela not wanting that to happen. During the hospital siege, Tegan and Ziggy become trapped in the lift and have sex. Tegan later becomes pregnant; which Cameron reveals to Leela so she dumps Ziggy and refuses to forgive Tegan. Tegan then tells Ziggy that instead of being pregnant the test discovered she had cancer. Ziggy then starts to support her through her treatment. Tegan returns in November after visiting Lanzerote. She then goes out on a date with a man named Seth after telling Ziggy and Leela that she is in a relationship with a man named 'Rafael'.

Kidnap of Rose Lomax Edit

Tegan is devastated to learn that Ziggy and Leela got married. Tony then fakes feelings for Tegan so he and Diane can have access to Rose. Tegan finds out so in order to stop Diane from taking Rose away, she gets Scott Drinkwell to help her kidnap Rose. Her scam is later discovered by Ziggy who calls the police, and Tegan is arrested.

Intro Edit

2013-2015: Tegan dances at a disco.

2015-2016: Tegan dances with Leela at a disco.

2016-: Teegan dances with Leela and Courtney in the loft.