The Dog in the Pond (commonly known as The Dog, briefly named as The Jolly Roger) is a fictional public house in the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks. It has been at the centre of the show's setting since it began in 1995. In 2003, The Dog in the Pond was nominated as the "Best TV Boozer of All Time" in a poll run by Blackthorn Cider. The pub was burnt down in episodes airing in September 2006 during the 'Fire at The Dog', which killed five regular characters. The fire was named as one of soap's biggest disasters by the Daily Record in 2010.


Scenes at The Dog in the Pond are filmed at Hollyoaks studios in Lime Pictures. In 2012 the set was refurbished under the decision of series producer Emma Smithwick. On-screen owner Riley Costello decided that "it was time for a major refurbishment". In June 2012 the refurbished set began airing on-screen. Ashley Taylor Dawson, who plays landlord Darren Osborne commented on the new set, saying that "the old set had lots of nooks and crannies, so often people in the background weren't needed for every shot because they'd be out of sight of the camera. But now everyone can be seen - there's nowhere to hide - so pub filming days are like one big party. We get excited and everybody messes around".


In the beginning of the series, The Dog is owned and run by Greg Andersen (Alvin Stardust) and his wife Jane Andersen (Sally Faulkner) until 1996, when they move to the United States. Greg sells The Dog to his brother-in-law Jack Osborne (James McKenna). Jack's son Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) buys half soon after.

In September 2006, rapist Sam Owen (Louis Tamone) set fire to The Dog and caused it to explode. The fire kills Sam, Mel Burton (Cassie Powney), Sophie Burton (Connie Powney), Joe Spencer (Matt Milburn) and Olivia Johnson (Rochelle Gadd). The pub is refurbished soon after and a plaque is added in memorial to the deceased. Darren loses his half of The Dog in a poker game to Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas). Warren's gangster friends take several people hostage in late 2007 and Darren is shot. Soon after, Warren sells his half back to Jack. The Osborne family begin having money troubles during 2008, which leads to Jack faking his death. After it is revealed and Jack is jailed, his wife Frankie Osborne (Helen Pearson) auctions The Dog later on and gives Neville Ashworth (Jim Millea) money so he could out-bid Warren. Nev renames the pub The Jolly Roger, but quickly changes it back to its original name after he discovers it has become a gay bar. The Ashworths own The Dog until 2010, when they move abroad and sell it to Carl Costello (Paul Opacic). The Costello family then move in. As the new owners the Costello family hire Jack Osborne as manager. Silas Blissett, father of Heidi Costello (Kim Tiddy) soon moves in. Warren Fox stages a break in which nearly goes wrong when Carl and Riley Costello (Rob Norbury) try to stand up to the thiefs. He intervenes and they leave. Warren Fox's friend, Rocco (Arinze Kene beats Riley in a bet for his fathers England squad cap so Riley stages a break in at the Dog. In late 2011 Heidi is murdered by her father Silas and Carl moves to America with his son Jason leaving other son Riley in charge, however Riley decides to move out and asks Darren and Jack Osborne to move in and run the place for him, making them licensees again.

In 2012, Building work on the Dog took place off-screen after Riley Costello decided that it was time for a major refurbishment. The Grand Opening took place on 15 June 2012, but was interrupted after the Osborne's realise that the Savages have taken up residence in their new houseboat just outside the pub. In October 2012, Riley is shot dead by Simon Walker and leaves the pub to Mitzeee. Mitzeee departs in 2013 and puts the pub up for sale, giving The Osbornes 5 weeks to come up with the money or she would sell it elsewhere.

Seamus Brady put an offer on the pub, in the hope that it would make Cheryl Brady stay in Hollyoaks, and not leave to Ireland with her fiancé Nate Tenbury-Newent.

Seamus Brady won a huge sum of money due to him gambling, he lost the slip which Darren Osborne found. With Sheamus Brady dead he was able to put in an offer for The Dog In The Pond, which Mitzee accepted. Darren and his wife Nancy have since exchanged contracts and are the new owners of The Dog.


Current employees

Job role Characters
Owner Mercedes McQueen
Landlord Mercedes McQueen
Landlady Mercedes McQueen
Manager Mercedes McQueen


Mercedes McQueenRuss Owen

Brody Hudson

Damon Kinsella

Past employeesEdit

Job role Characters
Owners Greg Andersen (until 1996), Jack Osborne (1996–2008), Darren Osborne (2007), Warren Fox (2007–08), Neville Ashworth (2008–10), Suzanne Ashworth (2008–10), Heidi Costello (2010–11), Carl Costello (2010–11), Riley Costello (2011-12), Mitzeee Minniver (2012-13)

Mac Nightingale & Cindy Savage & Neeta Kaur (2015 - 2017),

Landlords Greg Andersen (until 1996), Jack Osborne (1996–2008), Neville Ashworth (2008–10), Carl Costello (2010–11).
Landladies Jane Andersen (until 1996), Celia Osborne (1996–97), Jill Osborne (97-2000), Frankie Osborne (2005–08), Suzanne Ashworth (2008–10), Heidi Costello (2010–11). Rachel Hardy (2015 - 2016), Marnie Nightingale (2018 - 2018) & Ellie Nightingale (2015 - 2018)
Bartenders Natasha Andersen (until 1996), Sarah Andersen (until 1996), Jill Osborne (1997-2000), Jacqui Hudson (1999-2001), Kris Fisher (2008–09), Archie Carpenter (2008), Cindy Cunningham (2008), Josh Ashworth (2008–10), Gilly Roach (2008–10), Cheryl Brady (2009–10), Jem Costello (2010), Gaz Bennett (2011) Rae Wilson (2011), Rhys Ashworth (2008–10, 2011), Silas Blissett (2011), Mercedes Fisher (2006-11), Riley Costello (2010-11), Jacqui McQueen (2011-12)
Chef Tony Hutchinson (2011)

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