The McQueen family are a fictional family on Channel 4's soap Hollyoaks.

McQueen family


Family Members Edit

1º Generation Edit

  • Soloman McQueen (Unseen)
  • Wilhelmina McQueen (Unseen)

2º Generation Edit

  • Billy McQueen (Son of Soloman and Wilhelmina) (Unseen)
  • Edna McQueen (Unseen)

3º Generation Edit

  • Queenie McQueen (Daughter of Billy and Edna) (Unseen)

4º Generation Edit

  • Marguerite McQueen (Daughter of Queenie) (Unseen)
  • Nana McQueen (Daughter of Queenie)

5º Generation Edit

  • Myra McQueen (Daughter of Nana)
  • Kathleen McQueen (Daughter of Nana)
  • Reenie McQueen (Daughter of Nana)
  • Jed McQueen (Son of Nana) (Unseen)
  • Philomena McQueen (Daughter of Nana) (Unseen)
  • Louis McQueen (Son of Nana) (Unseen)
  • Victor McQueen (Son of Marguerite) (Unseen)
  • Valene McQueen (Daughter of Marguerite) (Unseen)

6º Generation Edit

7º Generation Edit

Deaths Edit

Character Cause of Death Date
Tina McQueen Died in the church's explosion caused by her half-brother, Niall Rafferty 13 October 2008
Niall Rafferty Suicide jumping out of a cliff 27 November 2008
Carmel McQueen Died in the train crash 12 November 2014
Phoebe McQueen Murdered by the Gloved Hand Killer 16 June 2015
Gabriel McQueen Stillborn 4 November 2015
Celine McQueen Murdered by Cameron Campbell 5 December 2016
Bart McQueen Beaten by Warren Fox 13 April 2017

On Screen Members Edit

Family tree Edit

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