Theo Sankofa


Portrayed by
Andrew Somerville
First Appearance
Last Appearance
November 2002
Owner of Theologic
Julie Sankofa (Mother)
Norman Sankofa (Brother)
Cassie Sankofa (Sister)
Judy Sankofa (Daughter)
Current Residence
Deceased (Car Accident)

Theo Sankofa was played by Andrew Somerville between 2001 and his death a year later.

Storylines Edit

Theo moved to Hollyoaks where he set up the village's first gadget shop Theologic, which supplied some of the strangest devices. Friendly and well-liked, Theo was someone who the residents of Hollyoaks came to for advice and help. He often supported and advised his friends, including Chloe Bruce (Mikyla Dodd) and Matt Musgrove (Kristian Ealey). Theo also played a key part in helping Gordon Cunningham (Bernard Latham) in winning the local elections as Theo was his right-hand man campaigner. In 2002, his younger brother arrived and extra responsibility was put on Theo's shoulders, especially when his business began to fall apart.

Theologic wasn’t making much profit, which led Theo into selling the business and both he and Norman had to move into the Hunter’s caravan park. With crippling debts ahead and not much money available, Theo was struggling with money problems. Theo, along with Ben Davies (Marcus Patric), Kristian Hargreaves (Max Brown), Max Cunningham (Matt Littler), Jamie Nash (Stefan Booth) and OB (Darren Jeffries), headed for a potholing trip which turned into a disaster. During a rock fall, Theo died in the van the group was using, which left Sally Hunter (Katherine Dow Blyton) to break the devastating news to Norman.

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