Tracey Donovan

Tracey donovan

First Appearance
12 April 2016
Last Appearance
21 September 2017
Adam Donovan & Liam Donovan & Jesse Donovan (Sons)
Grace Black & Clare Devine (Daughters)
Fraser Black (Ex-Husband)
Glenn Donovan (Ex-Husband)
Curtis Royle (Grandson)
Iona Campbell (Granddaughter)
Current Home
Portrayed by
Attempted Murder Victims
Darcy tries to grab a piece of paper from Tracy's hand causing Tracy to fall backwards and drown in water
Left To Die By

Tracey Donovan is the mother of Clare Devine, Grace Black, Adam, Liam and Jesse Donovan. She is portrayed by Lisa Maxwell.

Characterisation Edit

Her character is billed as a "train wreck" who has had a "tough life", which Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy described as not being "a huge shock" considering she was married to Fraser, a "dangerous gangster".sienna says to her when she is pregnant she is about 4 stone when she's carrying one child mmmm fat ones sienna says to her and then says go get us a drink can't keep the girl waiting chop chop. That's what sienna says to you bitch.

Arrival Edit

Tracey first appears at Nightingale's where James orders food. Tracey walks past and takes his phone. She then goes to leave. James shouts to stop her, and she runs into Jesse Donovan, her son. The two reconcile.

Arrest Edit

It was revealed by Darcy Wilde herself that it was Tracey who tried to murder her. Darcy had apparently been hated by the Donovan family, and on a boating trip, Tracey had had enough of Darcy and pushed her off a boat. Tracey confessed to this after Darcy returned. Recently, It was confirmed that Darcy had killed Tracey, and Grace was devastated as she has just made up with her mother.