Below is a list of trivia in the British soap opera Hollyoaks.

This page contains worthy facts about the cast and set.

Cast Edit

Persephone Swales-Dawson Edit

  • Persephone Swales-Dawson had to go through four callbacks after her initial audition of Nico Blake, she was the only fourteen years old.

Rachel Adedeji Edit

  • Rachel Adedeji appeared on the X-Factor before being cast as Lisa Loveday.

Lauren McQueen Edit

  • At beginning of filming, Lauren McQueen was 20. Lily Drinkwell was 15 in her first appearance.

Twinnie Lee Moore Edit

  • Twinnie Lee Moore appeared on The Voice before being cast as Porsche McQueen.

Anna Shaffer Edit

  • Anna Shaffer appeared in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in 2009, two years before her arrival in Hollyoaks in 2011 as Ruby Button.

Jeff Rawle Edit

  • Jeff Rawle appeared in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 2005, 7 years before his arrival in Hollyoaks in 2012 as Silas Blissett.

Danny Mac Edit

  • A petition containing over 500 signatures was formed in 2015 after Danny Mac's departure to bring Dodger Savage back.

Rory Douglas-Speed Edit

  • Joel has been portrayed by 2 different actors. From 2012-13, he was played by Andrew Still, and in 2016 he was portrayed by Rory Douglas-Speed.

Jimmy Essex Edit

  • Jimmy Essex appeared on the X-Factor in the boy band MITSOTU before being cast as Adam Donovan.

Nadine Mulkerrin Edit

  • Nadine Mulkerrin appeared in Waterloo Road before her arrival in Hollyoaks as Cleo McQueen.

Chelsee Healey Edit

  • Chelsee Healey appeared in Waterloo Road before her arrival in Hollyoaks as Goldie McQueen.

Charlie Wernahm Edit

  • Charlie Wernham appeared on Britain's Got Talent as a stand up comedian before being cast as Robbie Roscoe.
  • Charlie Wernham appeared in Bad Education before his appearance in Hollyoaks as Robbie Roscoe.

Nikki Sanderson Edit

  • Nikki Sanderson used to be a glamour model, she used to model for FHM and Loaded Magazine before being cast as Maxine Minniver.

Amanda Clapham Edit

  • Holly Roscoe has been portrayed by 5 different actresses. From 1997-2002 she was portrayed by Karis Sharkey, in 2004 she was portrayed by Katie Hynes, from 2008-10 she was portrayed by Lydia Waters, from 2012-13 he was portrayed by Wallis Day and from 2013 onwards she was portrayed by Amanda Clapham.

Kieron Richardson Edit

  • Ste Hay has appeared in the most episodes to date, in front of Tony Hutchinson and Ashley Taylor Dawson.

Jessica fox Edit

  • Nancy Osborne's character had a tattoo which was removed by "lasers".

Ross Adams Edit

  • Ross Adams goes for an extra deep spray tan for his character every week for Scott Drinkwell.

Anna Passey Edit

  • Anna Passey originally auditioned for Annalise Appleton before being succesful in auditioning for Sienna Blake.

Helen Pearson Edit

  • Frankie Osborne is the longest running female character.

Nick Pickard Edit

  • Tony Hutchinson is the longest running character.

Lysette Anthony Edit

  • Lysette Anthony appeared as Yvonne Summers before being cast as the regular character Marnie Nightingale.

Greg Wood Edit

  • Greg Wood had to have 6 tattoos applied before any appearance as Trevor Royle.

Charlie Clapham Edit

  • Charlie Clapham is also a professional body piercer as well as portraying Freddie Roscoe.

Jorgie Porter Edit

  • Before playing Theresa McQueen, Jorgie Porter wished to be a ballet dancer, but was informed she was too overweight.

Cameron Moore Edit

  • Cameron Moore does not have a Scottish accent, despite Cameron Campbell being Scottish.

Amrit Maghera Edit

  • Amrit Maghera previously danced as a backup dancer for Kanye West and Guns 'N' Roses before being cast as Neeta Kaur.

Props Edit

Amy Barnes Edit

  • Amy's abuse scene where Ste Hay cut her hair off was real, and could only be filmed once.

Goldie McQueen Edit

  • Goldie's wig weighs Chelsee Healey down as it is so large.

Grace Black Edit

  • It takes two hours to wash, dress and curl Grace's wig, followed by an extra 40 minutes to stytle it to her head.

Maxine Minniver Edit

  • Maxine is actually 3 cup sizes larger than Nikki Sanderson. Nikki uses chicken fillets to fill her bra.

Costume Edit

Freddie Roscoe Edit

  • Freddie's leather jacket is the most expensive item of clothing on set.

Other Edit

  • An estimated 25-30 fake eyelashes are used per week.

Set Edit

The Dog in the Pond Edit

  • A set member tends to the ducks that can be seen in the river outside The Dog in the Pond.

Dee Valley Hospital Edit

  • The most expensive set is the hospital as the show ensures that everything is medically up to date, and have researches to make sure of this.

Price Slice Edit

  • The sweets in Price Slice are real, the wine, however, is not.

Esther's Magic Bean Edit

  • The cakes in Esther's Magic Bean are fake.

Other Edit

  • A cat named Elvis lives on set and sometimes features on the show.

Filming Edit

  • Despite being set in Chester, the show is filmed in Liverpool.

Storylines Edit

Jade Albright & Alfie Nightingale Edit

  • The cancer storyline between Jade Albright and Alfie Nightingale was originally going to be cut as it recieved many complaints for being a rip-off "Fault in Our Stars".

Joe Roscoe Edit

  • Joe Roscoe was written out of Mercedes' stillbirth storyline as his wife had suffered one.

Carmel McQueen, Theresa McQueen & Calvin Valentine Edit

  • 2009 had a "non-linear" week where a flash-forward of 6 months showed Calvin being shot by Theresa McQueen.

John Paul McQueen & Finn O'Connor Edit

  • Hollyoaks was the first soap to tackle male rape.

Ste Hay & John Paul McQueen Edit

  • Hollyoaks was the first soap to feature a homosexual wedding.

Naming Edit

Bart McQueen Edit

  • Bart is named after Bart Simpson from The Simpsons, the television show aired before Hollyoaks on Channel 4.

The Lomax girls Edit

  • Leela, Peri, Rose and Tegan are all named after Doctor Who companions.

The Roscoe boys Edit

  • Freddie, Robbie, Jason, Joe and Ziggy are all named after iconic pop stars: Freddie Mercury, Robbie Williams, Jason Orange, Joe Cocker and David "Ziggy Stardust" Bowie.

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