Valerie Holden


Played by
Jacqueline Leonard (2007)
Samantha Giles (2008-2010)
First Appearance
6 September 2007
Last Appearance
13 August 2010
Current Residence

Valerie "Val" Holden made her first appearance in 2007 played by Jacqueline Leonard. She then returned a few months later this time being portrayed by Samantha Giles. She made a final return in August 2010.

She arrived in the village with her two children Danny Valentine (David Judge) and Lauren Valentine (Dominique Jackson), who are the illegitimate children of Leo Valentine (Brian Bovell). She turned up at the Valentine residence to demand that Leo looked after the two while she sorted out her housing problems.

She returned in January 2008 to live with the Valentines, causing a stir with the locals. She took Sasha out clubbing and was involved in a fight with Katy Fox (Hannah Tointon), which they both spent a night in the cells for. She then clashed with the McQueen's over bingo winnings and began planning Carmel McQueen's (Gemma Merna) wedding to Calvin Valentine (Ricky Whittle). However, Valerie kissed Calvin before the wedding and, racked with guilt, she left to live in Spain. Danny later leaves to find her.

When Lauren is hospitalised, Valerie returns to take her daughter back to Spain. Lauren is delighted but Sasha acts very coldly towards Valerie. After Lauren dumps her boyfriend Gaz Bennett (Joel Goonan) who is in prison, Valerie is delighted to hear that Lauren wants to leave with her after all when she argues with Leo about the situation. She later changes her mind and leaves with Leo taking Lauren and inviting Spencer Gray (Darren John Langford) to accompany them

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