Vincent Elegba

Vincent elegba

First Appearance
16 April 2013
Last Appearance
18 September 2014
Barista (2013)
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Vincent Elegba is a fictional character from the British soap opera Hollyoaks, played by John Omole. The character made his first screen appearance on 16 April 2013. Vincent is an illegal immigrant from Nigeria. He left the country to seek refuge fearing persecution because he is gay. The storyline has been described as an original by those involved. The show worked closely with LGB charity Stonewall to portray the issue. His main scene partners have been Phoebe Jackson (Mandip Gill) and George Smith (Steven Roberts). His friendship with Phoebe explored unrequited love as she pursued a relationship while Vincent fell in love with George. His subsequent detaining by immigration officials found him placed on remand and becoming the victim of homophobic violence. The character has proved unpopular with critic Anthony D. Langford from TheBacklot.comwho has often deemed his relationship with George as implausible.

Characterisation Edit

Vincent is from Nigeria and he seeks refuge illegally in the United Kingdom. Omole has described Vincent as a "nice guy" who would never intentionally hurt people. He has a "hero complex" where he feels obliged to help those close to him. Omole told Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy that Vincent has a "sweetness of him [that] is attractive" to viewers.

Arrival Edit

Vincent hides in a van with fellow illegal immigrants in a job organised by Trevor. Jacqui and Phoebe discover them. She decides to let them flee the scene. Phoebe later finds Vincent in the village and they catch up. He goes to rave at the local night club but Maxine collapses after having her drink spiked. Vincent helps to put her in the recovery position and impresses Phoebe. George becomes jealous and makes Vincent feel unwelcome. Vincent tells Phoebe that he wants to raise money for train fare to start a new life in Newcastle, but she appears to not want him to leave. Vincent manages to secure a job at College Coffee in exchange for cash in hand. Phoebe attempts to kiss Vincent but he rebuffs her advances.

Departure Edit

Vincent returens to Hollyoaks, to Phoebe's happiness, but Vincent tells Phoebe that he is here to see George. Vincent tells George that he is in love with him and wants him to come to London with him. George is skeptical but decides to come, and leaves, bidding his farewell to Phoebe.