Zoe was a university student. She's the sister of ruby addict Archie Carpenter and good friends with Sarah Barnes. In 2007, fellow fresher Will Hackett tried to tie Zoe to the roof. It didn't work, so he left. In 2009, for one of her degrees, she included some of Sarah's work in her own.

She sadly left the soap in 2010 when the police thought she was guilty of the murdering of Sarah Barnes.

She returns in March 2017 to attend Amy Barnes' funeral.


Father -

Mother - Christine Carpenter 

Siblings - Archie Carpenter

Friends - Sarah BarnesNancy OsborneZak RamseyKris FisherElliot Bevan

Relationships - Darren Osborne, Sarah Barnes, Mike Barnes

Occupation - Student (2006-2009)

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